Claire Richard

MA in Media, Culture and Communication, New York University 2010-2013
Track “New media and society”, thesis on serendipity in design, supervised by Pr Helen Nissenbaum.

MA in French and Comparative Literature, EHESS, France. 2008-2009
Distinguished thesis award for “Politics of Literature in Antoine Volodine and François Bon”
1st year thesis on Situationists practices of détournement and drift.

Fellow at Ecole Normale Superieure Lettres and Sciences Humaines, France. 2004-2009
Full 4-year stipend. Competitive exam entrance, one of France’s leading institutions for advanced study and research in the humanities.


Independent journalist, focusing on new media, culture and society (2010-present)
● Research and produce stories and interviews for print, webcasts and podcasts. Contributor to Books, Philosophie Magazine, Neon, ArtPress, Place de la Toile, Vacarme, La Clef des Langues.
● Introduce American thinkers and ideas to French audiences: first interview of Clive Thompson on French radio, first article about the Young Lords in French media.
● Conduct interviews in English and French, produce and edit (video and audio).

Documentary films (2009-present)
● 2013 : script developer for What’s Up Productions (Paris, France).
● 2012 : Artist in residence at UnionDocs, center for documentary arts. Director and author of “Whose Schools” (2012), on disputes around schools in gentrifying Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
● 2011 : Sound person on “Amarmath Yatra”, short documentary on a pilgrimage in Indian Kashmir.
● 2010 : Assistant of award-winning director Michel Royer on film “Press and Politics: love and hate”, broadcasted on France 2 in 2011. Research (texts and visuals), assistance on set, and assistance to producer Christiane Graziani.

Translation (2010-present)
● 2013 : Expérience sur l’Obéissance et la Désobéissance à l’Autorité, Stanley Milgram, traduction de l’anglais vers le français, éditions Zones.
● 2012 : co-translator for French version of Award-winning documentary “Unfinished Spaces” by Benjamin Murray and Alysa Nahmias, on the Schools of Arts in La Habana, Cuba.


Les Young Lords, éditions de l’Echappée, Paris (work in progress, tentative publication in early 2015).
Politiques de la littérature, Politiques du lien, éditions des Archives Contemporaines, Paris, 2012.
“Le regard étend des plaines” in Duels, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Photographie d’Arles/ENS-LSH, « Anticaméra », ENS Editions, 2006.
various entries in E1, ENS Editions, 2005.

Skills and Interests

French: native.
English: fluent written and spoken.
Spanish: proficient written and spoken.

Final Cut Pro 7 : proficient.
Pro Tools: Intermediate.

Volunteer work : teacher at Social Center in Belleville, Paris (2007-2009), help with Pico y Pala festival (screenings, translation) and workshops in jails with GENEPI (2008-2009)

Contemporary urban issues
Creative writing
Drawing and sketching
Independent travel


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